Empowering women through entrepreneurship
data: 04/01/2015
Female entrepreneurial rate lags behind in many member states and hides an unexploited growth and prosperity potential, said Women's rights and gender equality members in the text adopted on Monday, calling on member states to put forward concrete strategies to fully exploit women’s potential as entrepreneurs."The aim of the report is to set as priorities the empowering effect that entrepreneurship can have on women seeking independence," said rapporteur Barbara Matera (EPP, IT).MEPs call on member states to achieve the Barcelona targets and to adopt positive policies so to make work-life balance a reality for all. European funds could be used to guarantee affordable care for children and other dependent persons, says the text. Members of the Women's rights and gender equality committee also call for fighting against stereotypes that perceive female entrepreneurs as less credible. It is important for women to communicate with each other, to exchange information through networks and to exchange best practices, so to be aware of opportunities in other member states. Members urge the Commission to communicate more actively on the achievements of female entrepreneurs and to recognise these potential role models explicitly through the Enterprise Promotion awards and the European Social Innovation Competition. "I asked the Commission to do whatever in its power in order to encourage girls and women to take up subjects that lead to careers in finance and high-growth sectors. I call for collaboration with the private sectors and NGO’s to further establish apprenticeship programmes for girls, concluded rapporteur Barbara Matera. Members call on the Commission make targeted inquires that will explain women’s greater entrepreneurial activity in social entrepreneurship and its possible multiplier effect on traditional entrepreneurship. Finally it is needed to identify tools for evaluating companies that contribute to society. The text was approved by 26 votes to 1, with 5 abstentions.